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At Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS), we excel in not only installing excellent products but also in servicing our customers with only the best roof repair, roof replacement, siding installation, window installation and gutter contracting work.

Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) is an award-winning roofing contractor that is fully licensed and insured. We are based in the Mableton area and have the specialists who are ready to make your home better than new.

Our technicians are certified, have decades of experience under their belts and are skilled in all matters involving roofing, siding, windows replacement and gutter installation work. We’re also excellent in clean-up as well. 

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Mableton, GA Roof Repair Contractor

The reality is that Mableton experiences wind, hail and storm damage from thunderstorms and tornadoes that impact our area throughout the year. If you have a roof leak, wind, hail or storm damage, or just have a roof that is beginning to fall apart, Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) is here to quickly get your home and life back to normal.

That’s why having an expert inspect your roof regularly is absolutely vital for the stability of your home. We’ve been in business for decades and know from experience that addressing issues early saves homeowners thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars in repairs. Fixing small problems fast prevents big problems from quickly occurring and causing severe damage to your home that costs tens of thousands of dollars to repair!

We begin the roof repair process by sending a highly skilled roofing specialist to your home to view the condition of your roof. From there, we walk you step-by-step through the entire selection of roof repair options that fit within your budget.

Mableton, GA Emergency Roof Replacement Contractor

Unfortunately, life and Mother Nature sometimes have unexpected plans for us. When those moments strike, Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) is here to help restore your life and home back to normal right away! 

We know how stressful and nerve-racking roof damage is.

When your roof is severely damaged or just needs to be replaced, getting a roofing specialist to your property to evaluate your roof damage right away is vital to the stability of your home. From our years of experience, we’ve noticed that homeowners who fail to take action right away often experience catastrophic and expensive damage to the rest of their homes that costs them tens of thousands of dollars more than just having a roof replacement done immediately. 

Listed below are some of our most popular roofing product options and styles:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Cedar & wood shake shingles
  • And tons of other quality options

For your peace of mind, we’ll always be there to guide you step-by-step in selecting a style and product that perfectly compliment you and your home.

Some Other Services & Products Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) Offers!

  • Emergency roof repair & roof maintenance
  • Emergency roof replacement solutions
  • Brand new ridge vents & solutions for roof ventilation
  • Roof leak repair
  • Custom wind damage solutions
  • Repair of wood rot
  • Seamless siding installation
  • Gutter installation & gutter replacement
  • Installation of gutter guards & aluminum gutters

Mableton, GA Siding Contractor

Roofing and siding work together like good chocolate and a marshmallow s’more. They are both equally important and necessary in shielding your home from water damage and saving you money from costly energy bills. 

In fact, you might be surprised that just installing better quality roofing and siding is the easiest way to cut your energy bills by hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year! Over the years the savings pay for themselves. 

That’s why Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) installs only the best professional grade vinyl siding and fiber cement siding products.

So, don’t keep asking yourself which nearby siding, gutter or roof repair contractors you can trust! 

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