Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, GA

Make your home more comfortable and save energy with our high-performance replacement windows

In addition to looking attractive, the right windows reduce energy loss and help keep your home comfortable. If you’ve discovered that your old windows are a source of drafts, costing you more than you should be paying in energy bills each month, consider energy-efficient windows replacement, which means that your new windows are fitted with energy-efficient features.

Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) specializes in low-e glass windows designed to keep heated or cooled air where you want it – inside your home. This glass is compatible with any type of frame, and we’ll discuss just how much low-e glass windows help you save!

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Learn about how low-e glass works

While the material of the window frame makes a difference, the energy efficiency of your replacement windows is mostly determined by the glass that is used – which is why we recommend windows with a low-e coating.

Low-e glass gets its name from the low-emissivity film that coats the windowpane. Made out of an invisible metal or metal oxide film, this reflective material admits light while redirecting heat back to its source. This means that hot summer air is kept outside, and your home’s heating is reflected back inside in the winter – it’s worthwhile year round!

The low-e coating is added either during or after the manufacturing process, resulting in either a “soft” or “hard” coat. A soft coat is more efficient, but it’s also more delicate. Your window expert will help you choose the right glass for your replacement window.

Why choose a window with a low-e coating?

The answer to this question might seem obvious – low-e glass is energy efficient. But this material also offers some additional benefits:

  • Minimizes UV damage. A low-e film prevents fabrics and other materials from fading in intense sunlight.
  • Eliminates condensation. Water droplets will no longer form on your windows during the winter.

Other options and tips for efficient windows

Besides low-e glass, argon-filled glass is another option. Argon is a non-toxic, odorless gas that is used in glass windows to prevent condensation and frost from forming on the window and to provide improved soundproofing. Argon gas is filled between the panes of glass in a sealed unit to increase energy efficiency.

Another way to bolster your window’s energy performance is to make sure they’re fitted by a professional. Replacement windows especially need to have exact frames to fit the available space. The experts at Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) have no problem ensuring a perfect window that won’t lose any additional air.

Furthermore, ENERGY STAR windows feature a label with energy performance ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The label tells homeowners and contractors how much heat and light travel through the windows through the U-value, solar heat gain coefficient and visible transmittance of the windows. This way, you know exactly what your window offers.

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