Exterior Soft Washing

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Soft washing is preferable to house power washing

Exterior home washing is often done using a pressure washer that applies 2,000 to 4,000 psi to the surface of the house. The problem is that, in addition to removing dirt, a house pressure washing conducted at that level of pressure may also remove the paint.

That’s why the exterior home washing professionals at Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) utilize a soft house washing technique. It is a highly effective cleaning method that won’t damage siding or other surfaces of the home. Soft washing involves the application of a cleaning solution at low pressure to the exterior surface. After the solution neutralizes the mold and dirt, the surface is rinsed with cold water.

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Outdoor house cleaning for siding

Soft washing is appropriate for most types of homes. Vinyl, wood, cedar, stucco and even mobile homes can be effectively and safely soft washed. Materials that should not be soft washed are those that are organic such as wooden doors and cotton awnings.

Soft washing is preferred for siding because high-pressure power washing causes siding to crack or warp. During pressure washing, water gets behind the siding, which causes water damage. Soft washing is the safe and effective way to remove stains, mold and mildew, resulting in siding that looks as good as new.

Outdoor house wash for roofs

A clean roof increases your home’s curb appeal and its value. While some homeowners still want a power wash for the exterior for the house, you should know that you cannot pressure wash a roof. Water applied to a roof at high pressure can remove the granules on your shingles, and this can cause the roof to fail before its natural lifespan.

Roof soft washing is completed the same way as soft washing the home’s exterior. The cleaning solution is applied via hose, and after a certain amount of time, the solution is rinsed from the roof and nearby foliage with cold water.

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