Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair in Brooks, Moreland and Throughout Metro Atlanta

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Is your roof leaking around your chimney, or is the leak coming from somewhere else? Leaking roof repair begins with roof leak detection. If the rafters and underside of your roof deck are exposed, you will have an easier time. That being said, water leaks do have a way of being incredibly deceptive. The spot where you see water and stains may be some distance from the actual roof damage.

A professional roofer knows the tricks that water plays, so don’t risk climbing onto your roof and searching for the source yourself. Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) provides fast, reliable leak detection and roof leak fix services for Georgia residents.

When locating a leak, remember that water can’t run uphill, so leaks on a pitched roof cannot be below where you see evidence of a leak. Water enters through exposed nail holes or an area with missing shingles, traveling over old layers of roof and roofing felt until it reaches a gap or tear that allows it to penetrate to the roof deck. From there, it may run over the plywood until it crosses a joint – whereupon it may resume its journey along a rafter or the underside of the decking.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

  • Missing, cracking or damaged shingles
  • Ice damming
  • Clogged gutters
  • Damaged flashing/joints
  • Soffit and fascia damage

Call Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS) for an inspection and written estimate for roof repair and roof replacement in Atlanta, Peachtree City, Fayetteville and throughout the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia.

Timely leak repair helps prevent mold and wood rot

Finding the origin of a leak when the underside of your roof is hidden, such as with cathedral or vaulted ceilings, is a real challenge. Water can travel many feet from where it enters before showing itself. With drywall or paneling on the ceiling, it may travel even further. A small leak may not even be noticeable except during prolonged rainfall, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Moisture inside the roof assembly degrades insulation and promotes the growth of mold and wood-rotting fungus.

Do you require a wet patch roof leak repair? With substantial leaks, you will see discoloration on your ceiling. On a horizontal ceiling, water may pool and saturate the drywall. If you see this happen, puncture the saturated area with a pencil and allow the water to drain into a large bucket until the roof is repaired. If the leak cannot be found by inspecting the roofing, a sizable section of drywall will have to be removed to pinpoint its location. Once the leak is located, technicians will measure from reference points, such as a chimney and the ridge, so they can identify the leak location on the roof.

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Over time, even the best roofing system develops problems. The good news is that we replace shingles and repair a leaky roof caused by wind damage, hail damage or general wear and tear. If your roof needs to be replaced, we provide quality roof installation and roofing services.

Repairing a leak may be as simple as troweling roofing cement over old, cracked flashing, or as involved as replacing a large area of wind-torn shingles. Roof-Tastic & Beyond (formally PGRS)’s roofing experts handle any type of roof repair, including those that involve replacing fractured or rotted rafters and rotted decking. We take care to match existing shingle color and texture as closely as possible. We also perform metal roof leak repair.

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